Transmission 1

$> synod -v
synod darp2 request auth op
synod INFO transmitting pk
synod 1200 ok
synod cache add session –token 1l351l1k1j1i1l1m331k1o1g3133
synod INFO connected
synod uplink -h ‘SATCOM:QUESS’
synod INFO established
synod INFO decrypted
Welcome, DIRECTOR !

> Cables
> Transmit
> QE Diagnostics
3.7.38 #000018932543
from: archangel

DIRECTOR, we are pleased to have you aboard.

Thank you for your patience as we initiate.

We are monitoring geopolitical activity and
assessing potential locations for your
DIVISION. We have attached a brief with details
regarding active threats in South America,
the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

We’ve also attached a list of potential
Operatives. These candidates have not been
approached, and are not cognizant of
THE AGENCY. Ultimately, you must decide
whom you will recruit. Follow all OpSec protocols
and do not reveal any details about THE AGENCY
until they arrive at your DIVISION HQ.

That is all for now, DIRECTOR. Updates to follow.


// end cable //
$> synod -x
synod INFO disconnect
synod 1410 ok
synod bleach gutmann -d ram, ssd, bios, peripheral
synod INFO degrade check: 78%

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